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   Friday, September 09, 2005  
As every family, we have our traditions. Some of these traditions have been handed down from our ancestors and some of them are new. Some of these traditions are of our own design and some are brought to us by others. One tradition of long standing is that the Sprite is lost in the black hole of the Buffalo Public Schools transportation system every year on the first day of school. This year was, of course, no exception. At first this development was truly alarming but now, after eight years experience, we have come to expect it. It is not her fault; she either ends up on the wrong bus, at the wrong stop or this year’s twist, scheduled to get off at a stop that no longer exists. It could always be worse and with only one more year for her to “ride the cheese” we can only anticipate the next transportation tradition.
   posted by Andrea at 4:03 PM

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