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   Thursday, February 24, 2005  
Happy Birthday to David "Fathead" Newman!
   posted by Andrea at 1:15 PM

   Wednesday, February 23, 2005  
Another reason to love the French. Is that something they teach in schools? "And if you want to make someone feel really stupid, just be yourself, speak French. You can even call them names, they will never know!"
   posted by Andrea at 5:01 PM  
Every morning I wake up to the news on NPR. As if the tsunami was not enough, there are earthquakes in Iran and torrential rains in California. While the Kyoto Agreement may not be perfect, it sure as heck beats doing nothing, which seems to be what our President has in mind, so to speak. This is really, really scary.
   posted by Andrea at 4:08 PM

   Monday, February 21, 2005  
This was what every weekend should be. It had variety, it had texture. It was busy but not too busy. With The Flash engaged at a KRAC event, the Sprite off skiing and Mona Lisa working on her rugby chops, I was free to return to Friday night knitting class. I have had this lovely chartreuse cotton/alpaca yarn in wait for long enough and am now happily engaged, thanks to Heather, on a very cool project. It may even inspire me to learn how to post photos on this thing. I love knitting class. You never know who will be there but it is inevitably a congenial and welcoming group. Last week I was invited to attend a salon with the Organizer hosted by a freelance writer, regular WBFO commentator and all around well rounded person where the theme was “women friends.” Knitting class epitomizes a particular subset of my thoughts on the subject as it is an informal and evershifting group of mostly, but not exclusively women who have shared births, deaths, divorces, tenure denial, fashion, relationships and coping with teenage angst. These experiences have confirmed my belief that the company of women, with or without the addition of yarn, promotes clear thoughts and the easy exchange of ideas. Saturday was spent working but was followed by dinner at Cole’s and The Big Easy. I had forgotten how good a movie it is; the soundtrack is terrific and you can practically taste the gumbo. Sunday brought a fantastic used book sale and service with the SUNY Fredonia Tuba Quartet that has now forever redefined Georgia on My Mind. Added to that was the amazing choir and a birthday party for a brace of Graces. Yes, quite satisfactory.
   posted by Andrea at 9:47 AM

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