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   Thursday, February 17, 2005  
This site has changed my life. Seriously. I used these techniques for cutting onions last night and the results were amazing. Uniform in size, all fingers intact, in fact, this is the type of thing that the Internet is supposed to be --educational! So much for synopses of comics, dancing babies and all the other time wasting follderoll that we love. Serious business. In further fact, I have been spending most of my recent online time at food sites, of which there are sooo many good ones. Great recipes, great stories and lots to learn. Ahhh!
   posted by Andrea at 1:25 PM

   Wednesday, February 16, 2005  
Although I am not ept enough to create a blogroll, I do have a list of blogs that I read as regularly as I do anything else. This is one that never fails to delight. The links, including this one, are dead brilliant and sometimes even inspire me to be good so that I come back in my next life as a textile artist instead of ...well, you know.
   posted by Andrea at 1:51 PM

   Tuesday, February 15, 2005  
Happy 100th Harold Arlen, Buffalo Boy!

Although at our house we all approached Valentine’s Day with equanimity, chocolate and the Westminster Dog Show, there were a few events that made me think about the day in different ways. In the parking lot of a local store, Mona Lisa and I witnessed a colossal meltdown. A woman, maybe in her 20s, maybe not even, had locked herself in her car and was screaming and crying, completely out of control. I don’t know if this young woman’s disturbance was induced by love, the lack or loss thereof or some other source but it was heartbreaking. Somehow the flash and pulse of police and ambulance lights are not the throb of love we all seek but just inspire fear and sadness. I couldn’t help but think that, no matter what the problem, she was someone’s daughter, sister, neighbor, friend and should not have been alone in the rain facing all of those uniformed and well intentioned strangers who no doubt ended her holiday with the unsatisfactory embrace of a straightjacket. When we got home, Mona Lisa stepped up to help a friend, love lorn, despondent as only the young can be about such things, negotiate the disappointments of what turned out to be unfulfilled expectations of a love that just wasn't working out as planned. Maybe if the girl in the parking lot had been able to feel loved by a friend she might have had a fighting chance.

On my way home from work, there was a commentary on the radio about how Valentine’s Day is generally a celebration of new love but how it makes more sense to celebrate the elusive and sometimes outright unattainable goals of finding it and then keeping it going.
   posted by Andrea at 9:39 AM

   Monday, February 14, 2005  
My love is like a red, red nose

Valentine’s Day and practically everyone in the whole house is [still] sick. Could this be the dreaded flu that everyone warned against? Whatever it is, it has gotten very, very old. We now seem to be in the circle of reinfection and need something to break the cycle. Mona Lisa has switched into Lenten mode and has been [gasp] spurning chocolate and just about everything else, including French fries, making my menu planning a greater and greater challenge. I think this might do it and, even if it doesn’t, what a way to go.
   posted by Andrea at 9:43 AM

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