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   Friday, January 28, 2005  
Today is one of those days that you just have to go with. Coming back from dropping the Flash at the airport, I drove along the river and it was so very beautiful. The spray was frozen on the trees and there was an Avalon-like mist rising from the water with, I kid you not, a rainbow in the background. There was just enough of the rainbow visible so that it looked like a pillar of colors rising into the sky. It made me think about the time we were canoeing in Quebec and saw the Northern Lights. I was listening to the Toronto jazz station, which I love, and when they mentioned that it was -20 F, it made me love them even more because they weren't complaining about it and it also meant that Buffalo, with a mere -2F may not be the absolute coolest, but neither is it the coldest, place in North America.
   posted by Andrea at 10:28 AM

   Thursday, January 27, 2005  
Someone got me to thinking about arancini so, of course, I had to pursue that line of thought. Where I pursued it to was here, a place I had not been before but which, in the way of these things, then took me here. How, may I ask you, am I supposed to be working when all I can think about now is food? At least now I know what I want for dinner.
   posted by Andrea at 1:06 PM

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