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   Friday, July 23, 2004  
This story has been haunting me since I first saw it. It describes how fourteen men broke every airline rule including, with all likelihood, keeping their tray tables in an upright and locked position. Reading it convinces me that these guys were at least doing a trial run of assembling a bomb on board an airplane in mid flight. Is this story legitimate? Well, the follow up certainly suggests that it is. The latest reports are even less reassuring as they show that for all of the law enforcement officials who responded to the flight landing, they completely missed the fact that the visas these men were carrying were expired. Other than fingerprinting and photographing them, nothing at all was done. Why is it that Iraqis are thrown in jail for offenses that are apparently minor or non-existant enough to prompt their release as soon as their horrific treatment comes to light but actions that certainly quack like efforts at domestic terrorism fail to prompt autorities to read their documentation? With a President who has placed and continues to place this nation and its citizens in jeopardy, how is it possible that the polls are showing him with any support at all? Haven't we learned anything at all? I'm not saying that everyone should be thrown in jail, all I'm saying is that I would feel a whole lot safer if the millions of dollars being spent on "homeland security" were used to hire people with the ability to pay attention to the job.
   posted by Andrea at 3:57 PM

   Thursday, July 22, 2004  
Mona Lisa is at camp and we miss her terribly. This being the modern age, however, the camp has a website that posts photographs of campers at camp on a daily basis. I must admit that I am of two minds about this feature. On the one hand, it affords parents proof that the bairns are having fun while remaining in one piece, affirming that their enjoyment of the nature experience is worth our sacrifice of their [usually] pleasant company. On the other hand, it strikes me as a bit voyeuristic. Never having been to camp myself, I can only surmise that part of the allure of camp is freedom, being out in the wild away from parental eyes, freedom to paddle your own canoe. Does the fact that parents now have a knothole through which we can observe some of the action somehow diminish the whole camp experience? If a camper gets a mosquito bite in the wilderness and no one is there to photograph it and then make it available to all and sundry via the Internet, does it still itch?  
   posted by Andrea at 2:20 PM

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