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   Tuesday, June 08, 2004  
I continue to be astounded by the breast beating and hair shirt wearing of previously unknown proportions that has accompanied the passing of Ronald Reagan. Let’s see, yes, that about sums it up. My more immediate thoughts on this are that most of my wardrobe can be dated to the Reagan era, a problem of truly epic proportions, but you don’t see me going on about that. Well, you do but that’s beside the point. I am completely at a loss. First they keep flying his body back and forth across the country [must be the Harry Potter homage…the great Communicator and the best darn keeper that this country ever had!] Then, they announced that the post office would be closed on Friday. Wasn’t there something about “Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night...”? I guess they left off the part about “breaking” for union busters. Now, they are talking about closing the courts. I guess there is some logic to that one, though, seeing as how he had no use for the rule of law when he was in office and all of that. Actually, my theory is that this is all W’s doing, setting a precedent for rewriting history.
   posted by Andrea at 3:32 PM

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