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   Tuesday, June 01, 2004  
My appliances are, once again, in revolt. The last time this happened, it was the washer, dryer and dishwasher; this time it is the dryer and security system. Sometimes when this happens, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice runs as the soundtrack in an endlessly repeating loop. “Brooms and more brooms, buckets and more buckets.” This time, it is a little different, more pique than open revolt but just as annoying. In an effort to avoid letting them see my panic, I have been spending every available non-pouring [as in rain] minute outside trying to tame the jungle that is my yard. My goal is to transform it from Little Shop of Horrors to Bali Hai. Towards that end, I thought I would trim the front bushes. I guess all of that appliance anxiety had to find a release and the result was oddly reminiscent of an ancient encounter between my Betsy McCall doll and a pair of safety scissors. Oh no, what’s that sound coming from the refrigerator?
   posted by Andrea at 9:29 AM

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