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   Friday, April 02, 2004  
I really love our morning routine. Everyone is sort of somnolent but we arrange breakfast and lunches and get geared up for the day. First we make breakfast and then I start arranging lunch. Mona Lisa may or may not want a lunch on any given day but The Sprite is a regular customer. She announced today that she likes lunches that take some effort. She meant effort on her part, not mine. I hadn’t thought about it that way before but I know that she means she likes it when some assembly at mealtime is required. We have done separate containers of fruit salad, yogurt and granola. Today was 9 layer dip and chips. Sushi is good because of the chopsticks. I remember school lunches as being rather grim. Part of it is that even the best sandwiches start becoming less appealing with each moment that they sit. A feature in the New York Times last year got us all thinking about this. It featured a selection of school lunches from around the world. The Sprite now yearns for lunches from foreign lands and the old pb&j looks sadder and sadder.
   posted by Andrea at 4:58 PM

   Thursday, April 01, 2004  
Every now and then a true innovation occurs. This, via Someone Keeps Moving My Chair, speaks to me on so many levels. We have a constant battle in our house about shoes. Someone complains about shoes. Others of us keep buying and wearing them. A vicious circle. How much better to “embrace” the shoes and let them embrace you. Ahhh.
   posted by Andrea at 2:19 PM

   Wednesday, March 31, 2004  
Suddenly everyone around me is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. A brother-in-law is leaving for five months in Germany, every day friends are making drastic life style and hair style choices. Not wanting to be left behind, I had some Doritos for breakfast and bought a lottery ticket. That’s all the crisis I have time for---got to get back to work.
   posted by Andrea at 10:25 AM  
As you may or may not know, yesterday was Carol Bronnenkant Day. This year caught us a little flat footed on preparations but next year we plan to go to the parade and of course have the traditional foods. After seven years of heading the Graycliff Conservancy, Carol’s accomplishments in that role have been too numerous to list. A nice party at The Roycroft was a fitting tribute.
   posted by Andrea at 9:43 AM

   Tuesday, March 30, 2004  
There are times of the year that seem conducive to travel. fall is certainly one of them- the crunch of leaves and a chill in the air will ever and always be associated in my mind with hiking trips. I started backpacking when I was a freshman in high school. Almost every fall and spring weekend offered a trip. We hiked in Pennsylvania and Ontario in the fall. Every spring there was a major trip. One year we went to West Virginia, another to New Hampshire. We would have started training just about now—running the high school bleachers with loaded packs, running the track, breaking in new boots, building stamina for the challenge of the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, my family does not share my love of walking the hills. Maybe if we were to hike in England, I could entice Mona Lisa; in Japan, perhaps The Sprite. Neon Moon? She’s tough. Northern California? Probably somewhere out west. I may just get me a new pair of boots to wear while I think it over.
   posted by Andrea at 12:08 PM

   Monday, March 29, 2004  
I went to work today without a coat. The tulips are now 3” tall. Spring is actually here. This is good.
   posted by Andrea at 1:37 PM

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