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   Wednesday, January 07, 2004  
I am reminded every day of the fact that it is a New Year by the lack of available parking at the community center where the Sprite has her after school program. All of those get-in-shape good intentions are hogging all of the spaces. Some say bah to the holidays but I say fie on the post-holiday guilt!

The Martha Stewart case continues to keep my interest on a number of levels. As reported in Outside Counsel, I am incensed that Pete Rose thinks his lies are forgiven and his spot in the Hall of Fame assured by his 14 years too late mea culpa while the Domestic Diva is being measured for stripes for an offense which, even if true, is far less egregious than Rose’s. But I digress. Justice Cedarbaum has just issued another in a fascinating series of decisions concerning the scope of privilege. In a society where privacy is increasingly eroded, it is gratifying to see the courts holding the line, at least in the civilized world of litigation.
   posted by Andrea at 10:34 AM

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