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   Tuesday, December 23, 2003  
Why is it that the people who are easiest and most fun to buy gifts for are also the ones who are most understanding when you run out of time and/or money before you get to that part of your shopping list?
   posted by Andrea at 10:01 AM

   Monday, December 22, 2003  
We decorated the tree last night. It is a lovely specimen with one teensy flaw which I am under oath not to reveal. Well, ok, two flaws but who is counting. I am sure that Neon Moon would have a thing or two to say about why the sum is greater than any of its individual parts but I am merely greatful that such is the case. It always amazes me that you can take box after box of ornaments-many of which are truly abominable-- and put them together to make a pretty darn attractive tree. Do all families have the same breadth of truly ugly but much loved adornments? We really do have some dillies.

I finished rereading The Call of the Wild at 3:30 this morning when, I suppose, I should have been wrapping Christmas gifts or sleeping or something. I had forgotten what a wonderful read it is. I had not read or even thought much about it in a very long time and it was just the ticket. We have been wanting and waiting for snow but haven’t had much to speak of so I am forced to resort to literary snow. This global warming thing is for the birds. Where is my copy of Anna Karenina anyway?
   posted by Andrea at 10:56 AM

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