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   Tuesday, November 25, 2003  
There are times when the practice of law is truly infuriating or frustrating or just plainly a crumby way to make a living. There are enough moments, though, that keep us all going. I took my turn last week making phone calls for The Bar Foundation and that has been my most recent such moment. The Bar Foundation exists to helps lawyers in need. It is funded by lawyers and provides counseling and other support. It truly does good work and that work is recognized by the legal community. I guess we all know one or more people who the Foundation has helped in a time of crisis but that alone may not fully explain the generosity that meets the annual call for support. I have spent a lot of time shaking people down for dough for plenty of worthy causes but the response to this plea is different. It is, almost without exception met with “Of course you can count on me.” I think that the response is just as reasonably the result of the spirit of collegiality that truly exists among the brethren at the bar. I like that and try to keep it in mind when one of the brethren is making my life miserable.
   posted by Andrea at 2:45 PM

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