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   Wednesday, August 13, 2003  
My theory that the weekend really only provides, at best, a day and a half of relaxation [Friday night being spent trying to relax to have fun and Sunday night being spent thinking about going back to work] has now been extended to the school year. June is spent on exams, of course and then report card vigils. This August has been spent [by me] stressing about getting Neon Moon off to Smith. While one of her friends has color coded lists of items obtained, items to be purchased, etc, our girl has a few cryptic notes on paper napkins. While her cousin has already packed the ten pairs of shoes she intends to take to college, our girl refuses to pack. It is not that she is loathe to leave hearth and home, kith and kin. Far from it. I have nightmare visions of us literally throwing things into the minivan in the early hours of the morning before we set off down the thruway. Shoes, coffee pot…say, where is the cat?!
   posted by Andrea at 3:21 PM

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