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   Thursday, July 03, 2003  
I received an email from USAirways announcing that they would begin selling meals on their domestic flights. This idea makes sense to me and appears to present a far superior alternative to the current situation, which has been to provide only a meager handful of peanuts to each passenger. On short hops, it is not really a problem. On a recent two-legged flight to Arizona with short connection times, this policy left me feeling like Oliver Twist. Interesting to note that there are no vegetarian options for lunch or dinner. I guess the feeling is that they can just use the seat cushion as a flotation device OR as a snack.
   posted by Andrea at 2:50 PM

   Wednesday, July 02, 2003  
Between the raft of graduations, moving up day ceremonies and the impending 4th of July weekend, I have been thinking about anthems, national, school and other. It struck me as odd that the singing of the school anthem was the part of Neon Moon’s commencement ceremony that choked me up. It didn’t help that a group of last year’s Sem graduates sat behind us and sang along, their lovely voices full of emotion. It wasn’t my school but it somehow seemed like a timeless distillation of what you hope a school experience would be. It got me to thinking about the whole idea of a school song. It is not only old schools that have anthems as The Doodle Bug and Pecos Pete attend a school that is brand new and yet it has a school song. Mona Lisa’s school anthem swings but is a harder name to fit into verse. I remember very little of my high school anthem but I guess the remarkable thing is that I remember any of it. “With thy towers facing northward, Amherst e’er be thine.” Hmm. Is it “thine” or “mine”? Neither makes much sense to me but hey. Then I got to thinking about the Japanese custom of having company songs. If H&F were to have one, what would I nominate? “I’ve been working on the Railroad”? Not quite right. “Horse With No Name?” Nah, too grim. “I want to be Sedated?” Hmm. That just might work.
   posted by Andrea at 4:06 PM

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