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   Thursday, June 26, 2003  
A recent post by The Flash highlights the differences in our household. He muses on the comraderie among Justices of the Supremes while I ponder the camaraderie among 8th graders. What are the implications of the fact that Mona Lisa’s class consists of at least 40 children she has known since kindergarten, some since nursery school? Out of a class of about 114, that is an impressive percentage. Tuesday was Moving Up Day and after the ceremony and luncheon, the moms sat and chatted, I mean actively chaperoned the dance, and reflected on this circumstance. By the time these kids graduate from high school, they will have been together for …a really long time. The good thing is that they are a group that knows and accepts each member. They are not exactly like extended siblings but they do have a depth of familiarity and treat eachother decently, even those who are not exactly or even remotely friendly. Maybe they are more like cousins. The downside is on the other side of that same coin of familiarity. Starting high school is one of those rare life opportunities to reinvent yourself. I only hope that the process is not impeded by habit or expectations that have been outgrown. As a parent, I am enjoying watching who all of these children are becoming.

   posted by Andrea at 1:40 PM

   Sunday, June 22, 2003  
Long interlude ended. Just returned from Boston, a place I tuly love. Quickest way to bring you up to speed:
What I'm eating: warm salad of fresh artichokes, new potatoes, green beans and fresh tomatoes[ as much fun to make as it is to eat!], followed by local, as in fresh picked local strawberries, courtesy of Miss Grace. The entire house is perfumed with them!
What I'm drinking: Bouchard Pere et Fils, La Vignee 2000
What I'm reading: The Constant Gardner by John LeCarre thanks to M&D A.
What I'm waiting to read: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Like a kid waiting for camp, I have decided to wait until..aw, who am I kidding? I am waiting until the children fall asleep so that I can pry it out of their hands.
What I'm planting: my lovely new magnolia. It looks so--ready--and reminds me of Boston in the spring.
What I'm knitting: socks! I had forgotten how much I loved to knit socks. What a treat!
   posted by Andrea at 10:25 PM

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