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   Thursday, June 12, 2003  
The new Knitty is here! Hooray! So far, my favorite article is “slip stitch knitting”. I had to laugh at the thought that anyone would need to be convinced to keep knitting through the summer but then, maybe they actually get summer.
   posted by Andrea at 12:40 PM

   Monday, June 09, 2003  
Today was Neon Moon’s high school Class Day; tomorrow is commencement. She was, of course, appropriately feted, praised and rewarded with prizes, as were her friends. I think that, as much as she enjoyed it all, if pressed, she might claim that the best part of the day was her public launch of her first meat space comic. She has also decided to donate a copy to her school’s library, where it can take its place alongside the works of other Sem alumna.
   posted by Andrea at 2:54 PM

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