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   Friday, May 23, 2003  
Neon Moon to “another” award ceremony last night. She was stunned by the tone deaf keynote speaker who, from all the quotes I heard, had no business talking to kids or...well, anyone. She hasn’t been to enough events of this type just yet. I sometimes think about commencement speeches or other occasions when a speaker is asked to inspire a group of youts. These people are usually well intended but clueless and their intended pearls of wisdom are forgotten by all as soon as the words hit the air. I personally have absolutely no recollection of the commencement speaker’s remarks at any of my graduations from kindergarten through law school. There are things that kids might like to hear on momentous occasions in their lives, that all of us might remember. I would like to think that if I am ever unthinkably lucky enough to have such an opportunity, I would do a better job than most and remember more than the presence of sharpshooters on nearby buildings, which is basically the memorable part of the speech delivered at my college commencement.
   posted by Andrea at 10:53 AM

   Wednesday, May 21, 2003  
Before I started doing it, I always thought that business travel was glamorous and dare I say it “fun.” Now, of course, I know better. I don’t travel nearly as much as I used to but I have been on a bit of a roll. Next stop is Boston. I love Boston but the reality is airports and conference rooms all look pretty much the same no matter where you go. That is why the secret to enjoying business travel is to find and/or create the moments. My moment in Boston promises to be the opening of Gigantic! at the Brattle Theater. This is gonna be goooood!
   posted by Andrea at 3:23 PM

   Tuesday, May 20, 2003  
OK. So I am driving down the 198 last night around 9:00 when all of a sudden, a big green van going at least 90 mph passes within inches of my car. It was so close that the car rocked from the blowby. As it passed me, it careened from lane to lane, weaving among the cars on this two lane road. Seconds later, sirens screaming, at least 12 Buffalo Police cars, sirens wailing, lights flashing, screamed past. I could see the passenger side door of the van repeatedly opening and being pulled shut. My thought was that someone was trying to get out but I learned this morning that, in fact, the van occupants were discarding guns. The Flash points out that it was just another instance of criminals being stupid. "Guns! What should we do with them? Better not shoot them, that's dangerous! Quick, throw them away!" Am I sad that they chose to throw rather than shoot these guns? Not a bit. Apparently they had already been shooting which is what led to the chase and found it not to their liking. What confuses my though is that The Buffalo News chose not to print the story.

On another subject, it has been noted that I tend not to blog about the law but from time to time there is a piece of legal blog ore that must be shared. I love this particular story because it takes "It's not fair!" to its logical conclusion.
   posted by Andrea at 7:09 PM

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