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   Friday, April 04, 2003  
We had an ice storm last night that left a thick glaze on every surface, making driving Mona Lisa to school this morning a perilous venture. As we drove, we saw a crow crossing the street. It was walking slowly, in a very dignified manner. It caught our attention as much because of its poise as because it was strange that it was not flying. Slowly, slowly it crossed, head held high. When it reached the curb, it stepped up confidently and promptly slipped off and fell back into the street. It quickly but furtively looked around to take stock of any witnesses to its indignity. We feigned interest in the stop sign, a green shutter, a passing car. We've all been there and bless the strangers who do not acknowledge such events.
   posted by Andrea at 11:52 PM

   Thursday, April 03, 2003  
Work continues on the blue sweater for The First Born. I am working with Douceur et Soie, which is an absolute delight. It has such a beautiful hand but the sleeves are progressing slowly. At the rate I am going, this sweater will not be done until May and the way the weather is going she may still want to wear it then because it is so cold! Actually, it is so light that it may be a good spring weight even in normal spring weather.

Despite the cold, Mona Lisa has her first soccer practice tonight so we know that spring will truly come. I got a pot of mixed bulbs for the kitchen that has been blooming like crazy. I also bought some summer bulbs—lilies and gladiolas. I have always had mixed feeling about glads—so funereal—but they do well in my garden so in they go. Snowdrops are blooming and the tulips are over 3” tall. They are predicting snow but I think I will ignore that. There are leaf buds on the lilac outside my kitchen window and the trees and bushes have that pale green halo that means things are growing. Yeah!
   posted by Andrea at 10:40 AM

   Wednesday, April 02, 2003  
There are so many amazing knitting blogs out there! I hate the way that work keeps getting in the way of all the fun stuff like knitting and reading/talking about knitting and upgrading my site to have a blog roll and photographs and all of that great stuff but maybe this weekend. It could happen.

Back from Florida. The trip was good. The conference was very impressive—well run and informative—no small feat with almost 2,000 participants. Kudos!

I had a very discomforting moment. I love fireworks and had a spectacular view of the nightly display outside of my hotel room window. Monday night, while watching the spectacle, I was also scrolling through the channels, looking for Everwood. As the Southern US night sky was illuminated with fantastic colors and shooting stars, CNN was showing footage of bombs bursting in the night sky over Baghdad. It made me very, very sad.

On a lighter note, the sleeves on the sweater for The First born are coming along nicely [Imagine photograph inserted here—Oh! Ah!]. Finished Dreamland. Life changing? No, but a good story well told. Reminiscent of The Bread Givers.
   posted by Andrea at 12:53 PM

   Sunday, March 30, 2003  
I have been to Disney parks twice. Both times were as an adult, neither time involved a child and I did not pay for either visit. Last March I was in Tokyo Disney, this year in Orlando. A few observations:
My room in Tokyo came with robes, slippers and a tea maker and looked out over Cinderella’s Castle.
My room in Orlando is huge but simple–a family of ten could live here quite easily—and my view is of the Eiffel Tower.
The most ubiquitous souvenir in Tokyo was Minnie Mouse backpack; here it is the yellow Mickey Mouse rain slicker.
In Tokyo there were many young women; here the order of the day is toddlers.
I have come to believe that the ideal age for these places is middle school or high school but not with parents. Which lets me out.
   posted by Andrea at 7:34 PM

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